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12 Filipino Inventions of All Times – Inventions of the Philippines

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

Filipino inventions are evergreen. You will be fascinated to learn about some of the greatest Filipino inventions of all time.

Filipino inventions

Let’s find below 12 great Filipino inventions:

1. Patis

Patis (fish sauce) has been around for lower than 100 years. It was found by Aling Tentay, also called Ruperta David after the Japanese occupation. Aling Tentay used the juice of fish fragments from the dried fish they promote available in the market, Filipino inventions.

After some modifications, patis was invented. It was registered in 1949 as a product of Tentay Food and Sauces. Its pungent saltiness has change into the basis of Vietnamese and Thai fish sauce, which they eat and incorporate into their menus.

2. Erythromycin

Erythromycin, is a macrolide antibiotic that was offered as an alternative choice to penicillin. This was found by Abelardo Aguilar, a health care provider who noticed the antibacterial actions of the Aspergillus species of fungi in his hometown in Iloilo.

He then despatched samples to his employer, Eli Lilly Co. The antibacterial motion was additionally developed by the Indiana-based company which marketed the antibiotic below the brand name Ilosone, in honor of the place it was found.

Sadly, Abelardo died in 1993 without being acknowledged or rewarded royalties for this vital contribution, Filipino inventions.

3. Yo-yo

The phrase yo-yo is an Ilocano phrase that suggests “come back”. It was a weapon that had been utilized by natives for 400 years. However, the deadly model was massive and had sharp edges and studs.

It was additionally hooked up to thick 20-feet long ropes for flinging at enemies or prey. The modern model was designed by a legislation undergraduate named, Pedro Flores. It was fabricated from lighter supplies (wooden and cotton stings) and was mass-produced within the United States, Filipino inventions.

4. Jeepneys

Jeepneys are the king of the Philippine roads. It was created by Filipinos from the US army jeeps after the Americans left the nation after the struggle. These surplus jeeps are stripped down and made longer to accommodate a number of passengers on the back, Filipino inventions.

Metal roofs present shade to the passengers whereas colorful decorations adorn it inside and outside. It offered reasonably priced transportation that may transfer in regards to the bumpy roads that paved the post-war Philippines.

5. Panabas

The panabas is a big, forward-curved sword, utilized by sure ethnic teams within the southern Philippines. Its size diversified from two to 4 feet and was both wielded with one hand or with each Filipino inventions.

It was used as a fighting weapon, as an execution tool, and as a display of energy. Occasional use as an agricultural and butchering tool has additionally been famous. The sword’s name is a shortening of the phrase “pang-tabas”, which suggests “chopping tool”. As such, its etymological origins are the basis phrase tabas (“to chop off”).

6. Medical Incubator

An improvised medical incubator was invented by pediatrician Fe del Mundo. This was made up of two native laundry baskets of various sizes positioned one inside the opposite. Hot water bottles have been positioned throughout between them to offer heat.

There was additionally a makeshift hood over the overlapping baskets to permit oxygen to flow the inside. It was created to deal with the wants of rural areas with no electrical energy that’s wanted to control new child infants’ body temperature.

7. Quink Quick Drying Ink

The Quink fast-drying ink’ was invented by Francisco Quisumbing, a chemist. It was an innovative ink at the moment and was additionally developed to work with Parker Pens, Filipino inventions.

Aside from being fast drying, it was additionally water resistant, didn’t clog the pen opening, doesn’t blot, and won’t fade. It was manufactured in 4 colors – black, green, red and blue. It is taken into account as one of the perfect promoting ink for fountain pens of the millennium.

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8. Modular Housing System

Rapid urbanization and poor development have left loads of Pinoys homeless within the city. This inspired Edgardo Vasquez to make the modular housing system.

This made use of pre-fabricated supplies that may face up to typhoons and earthquakes with Filipino inventions.

Despite its resistance to natural disasters, the modular housing system prices lower than conventional constructing supplies and is flexible to adapt to varied housing architectures.

9. Spike Game

The spike is a volleyball approach developed by Filipino gamers within the first half of the 20th century and was often known as the “Manila Bomb”.

10. Karaoke

The musical inclination of Pinoys has spurred Roberto del Rosario to invent the karaoke sing-along system. Karaoke is definitely a Japanese time period that suggests singing alongside a popular document with its unique vocals eliminated.

His sing alongside system was a compact audio machine that had a microphone, an amplifier speaker, cassette tape mechanisms, a microphone mixer that had options that enhanced voice, and an optional radio tuner.

This machine was initially designed as a teaching machine for college students enrolled in voice classes, Filipino inventions.

11. Videophone

The plight of the listening to the impaired inspired Gregorio Zara, a physicist, to create the first videophone. It was formally often known as the picture telephone sign separator network.

Five years after he created the machine, AT&T developed it and offered it to the general public in 1970. Current fashions of videophones now are primarily based on the preliminary invention of Zara.

12. 16-Bit Microchip

Diosdado Banatao developed the first single-chip graphical user interface accelerator that made computer systems workloads sooner. This invention has allowed computer customers to make use of graphics for instructions and never the standard typed instructions in older computer systems.

It has allowed knowledge processing to be a bit sooner utilizing little or no house (small chips as an alternative to huge boards).

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