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19 Thomas Alva Edison Inventions – Complete List

(Last Updated On: April 16, 2021)

One of the prolific inventors of all time, Thomas Alva Edison was passionate about science, experiment, discoveries, and invention throughout his career that is flamboyant with a lot of inventions list. He holds 1,093 US patents his name, the maximum by any scientists. In this article, I am going to talk about Thomas Alva Edison inventions list.

Thomas Edison inventions list

1. Incandescent light bulb

Edison did not invent the light bulb. Many other scientists had already invented bulbs in different methods, which were costly and short-lived. Therefore, Edison emphasized working on developing a cost-effective electric bulb in 1878.

After a lot of effort, he could develop an electric lamp by using “a carbon filament or strip coiled and connected to platina contact wires”.

Edison and his team found that the carbonized bamboo filament is much durable ad lasts more than 1200 hours. His invented incandescent light bulb was cheap, durable, and easy to use for the common people.

2. Phonograph

Edison was working on improved telegraphic devices, and in the meantime, he unexpectedly invented the phonograph in 1877.

This invention has introduced Edison as “The Wizard of Menlo Park,” New Jersey, which was his initial lab. As per the mechanism, his phonograph could record on tinfoil around the grooved cylinder.

However, the sound quality of the phonograph was not up to the mark and a lot of invention and development was needed on it, which was later done by Alexander Graham Bell, Chichester Bell, and Charles Tainter, among others.

3. Fluoroscopy

Edison invented the Fluoroscope that could X rays in order to take radiographs of organs. Later on, he improved this by inventing calcium tungstate fluoroscopy screens which could produce brighter images than any other existing barium platinocyanide screen Fluoroscope.

4. Film

The film additionally referred to as film or motion picture is a visible art-form used to simulate experiences that talk concepts, tales, perceptions, emotions, magnificence, or environment, placed in this Thomas Edison inventions list, by the technique of recorded or programmed [vague] transferring photos, together with sound with different sensory stimulations.

The phrase “cinema”, quick for cinematography, is usually used to check with filmmaking and the movie trade, and to the artwork kind that’s the results of it.

A phonograph is a tool for the mechanical recording and copy of sound. In its later types, it’s also referred to as a gramophone.

5. Tasimeter

The tasimeter, or microtasimeter, or measurer of infinitesimal strain, is a tool designed by Thomas Edison to measure infrared radiation, placed in this Thomas Edison inventions list.

In 1878, Samuel Langley, Henry Draper, and different American scientists wanted an extremely delicate instrument that might be used to measure minute temperature adjustments in warmth emitted from the Solar’s corona throughout the July 29 photo voltaic eclipse, as a result of happening alongside the Rocky Mountains.

To fulfill these wants Edison devised a microtasimeter using a carbon button.

6. Kinetoscope

The Kinetoscope is an early motion image demonstration gadget, placed in this Thomas Edison inventions list.

The Kinetoscope was designed for movies to be considered by one particular person at a time via a peephole viewer window on the prime of the gadget.

The Kinetoscope was not a film projector, however, launched the essential method that may grow to be usual for all cinematic projection earlier than the arrival of video, by creating the phantasm of motion by conveying a strip of perforated movie bearing sequential photos over a light-weight supply with a high-speed shutter.

7. Electric power distribution

Electric power distribution is the ultimate stage within the supply of electrical energy; it carries electrical energy from the transmission system to particular person customers, placed in this Thomas Edison inventions list.

In order to deliver the benefit of Edison’s invention the bulb to the common people, he invented the power distribution company named Edison Illuminating Company.

8. Phonograph cylinder

Phonograph cylinders are the earliest business medium for recording and reproducing sound, placed in this Thomas Edison inventions list.

On July 18, 1877, Thomas Edison and his group invented the phonograph.

The tinfoil was not a sensible recording medium for both business or creative functions and the crude hand-cranked phonograph was solely marketed as a novelty, too little, or no revenue.

Edison moved on to creating a sensible incandescent electrical module and the following enhancements to sound recording experience had been made by others.

9. Kinetophone

The Edison Firm is thought to have experimented with this as early as the autumn of 1894. The movie exhibits a person, who might probably be Dickson, enjoying violin earlier than a phonograph horn as two males dance.

By the spring of 1895, Edison was providing Kinetophones–Kinetoscopes with phonographs inside their cupboards.

thomas edison inventions

10. Movie camera, or Kinetograph

The movie camera or cine-camera is a kind of the photographic camera that takes a speedy sequence of images on a picture sensor or on a movie, placed in this Thomas Edison inventions list. Edison invented and patented his picture camera, or Kinetograph, or peephole viewer. However, most of the credit goes to Dickson, Edison’s employee for technical contribution.

11. Carbon microphone

The microphone for the telephone was called as the transmitter, which Edison was working on in 1876. He developed a carbon microphone comprised of sound resistant 2 metallic plated separated by granules of carbons.

The carbon microphone could work with direct current by using a transformer to transfer signals. By this concept, the improved version of the telephone was made.

12. Electric pen

Thomas Edison’s electric pen, a part of a whole outfit for duplicating handwritten paperwork and drawings, was the primary comparatively secure electric-motor-driven workplace equipment produced and offered in the USA, placed in this Thomas Edison inventions list.

The electric pen was the important element of a whole duplicating system, which included the pen, a cast-iron holder with a picket insert, a cell battery on a cast-iron stand, and a cast-iron flatbed duplicating press with ink curler.

13. Phonomotor

The phonomotor or “vocal engine” was a tool invented by Thomas Edison in 1878 to measure the mechanical pressure of sound.

It transformed sound vitality or sound energy into the rotary movement which might drive a machine similar to a small noticed or drill. It derived from his work on the phone and phonograph.

14. Vitascope

Vitascope was an early movie projector first demonstrated in 1895 by Charles Francis Jenkins and Thomas Armat.

The Edison Manufacturing Firm agreed to fabricate the machine and to provide movies for it, however on the situation it’s marketed as a brand new Edison invention named the Vitascope.

That they had made modifications to Jenkins’s patented Phantoscope, which solid photos through the movie and electrical gentle onto a wall or display screen.

The Vitascope is a big electrically-powered projector that makes use of gentle to solid photos. The photographs being solid are initially taken by a kinetoscope mechanism onto gelatin movies.

This gadget could produce as much as 3,000 negatives per minute.

15. Quadruplex telegraph

The Quadruplex telegraph is a kind the telegraph which permits a complete of 4 separate indicators to be transmitted and acquired on a single wire at the same time (two indicators in every course), placed in this Thomas Edison inventions list. Quadruplex telegraphy thus implements a type of multiplexing.

Since telegraphs use a single wire, the present should stream via the sign (noise-producing) relay on each end (local and distant).

16. Vacuum Diode

A vacuum tube, an electron tube, or valve (British utilization) or, a tube (North America), is a tool that controls the electrical current flow in an excessive vacuum between electrodes to which an electrical energy distinction has been utilized, placed in this Thomas Edison inventions list.

The various scientists and inventors who experimented with such tubes included Thomas Edison, Eugen Goldstein, Nikola Tesla, and Johann Wilhelm Hittorf.

17. Mining

In the late 1870s, Edison was interested in mining and developed a smart way to pulverize rocks up to 10 tons by using rollers and crushers. Through a magnetic system, the dust could be separated from iron ore.

18. Rechargeable battery

It was the late 1890s when Edison invented an improved rechargeable battery that he named “accumulator” cold be useful for electric automobiles.

19. Phenol

In order to speed up his lab work, Edison manufactured phenol in his personal lab.

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